“Oh the pain” – Celtic daft Hollywood star’s brilliant trolling of Rangers fans after Gerrard exit

The pain of Gerrard.

That’s exactly what it is and it is reaching far and wide. As far as Hollywood as a matter of fact.

Well known Celtic daft actor, Gianni Capaldi took to twitter to troll the Rangers fans over their loss of manager, Steven Gerrard and it is fair to say, the Hoops fans loved it.

The Sevcao fans? Not so much.

Capaldi has a reputation for winding up the blue half of Glasgow on the social media platform and yesterday, he couldn’t resist having a final pop at Gerrard:

And as you can see, he tweet had the desired effect. He definitely knows how to trigger that lot but more importantly, give all the Celtic fans a laugh:

As the dust settles on the potential move and the ramifications of the deal become a bit clearer, there is no doubt that Gerrard has jumped a sinking ship.

£23m in losses and no money to buy players, Gerrard took the first offer of other employment and ran.

The next few months are going to be very interesting.


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