Hugh Keevins had an anti Celtic Sunday until a pundit and Hoops fan stepped in

Listening to Hugh Keevins on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard running down Celtic and the supporters.

First off he called the visiting Celtic support at Dens Park ‘dimwitted and stupid’ for the tennis ball protest when he had no idea what it was all about. As reported by Vital Celtic, even the pundits where stunned at his reaction to the fans

Then he spent another part of the show talking about how poor Celtic’s defence is even though it is the best in the league.

After Dundee’s second goal went in, Keevins made a ludicrous claim about the upcoming Europa League tie against the Germans, “This is why I have to fear for Celtic against Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League in Germany.

It could be anything.

“They played a Ferncvaros side on Thursday who had lost their previous six European ties.

Going forward they are nothing short of terrific but they still lose another couple and they were hanging on at the end.

And that’s their story.

Ok, first off, Celtic weren’t hanging on to anything. Full stop. They were very comfortable and good value for their 3-2 win. They deserve nothing but praise. But that doesn’t fit the narrative.

An irate Celtic fans took Keevins to task and asked the pundit are Celtic not meant to lose goals at all in a match? Which is a brilliant point.

But fellow pundit Gordon Dalziel jumped in and DEFENDED the Hoops back line against the time served pundits allegation, “Where the other argument will come in, and European football is a different story, they’ve only lost nine goals in the league.

I do think that if you look at that, over the piece of this their 13th game.

I think I’ve got an argument to say yeah, they’ll be disappointed to lose two goals of course they will. But they are second in the league table and conceded the least amount of goals.

“But I wouldn’t be going, ‘Well hold on a minute! There’s defence of problems here.’ Because the records are there. It shows they’ve lost, at this moment and time, the least amount of goals.”

At last, a balanced point of view. But the show doesn’t do balance when it comes to Celtic.

Well, to be fair, the host Gordon Duncan is very fair and balanced. But some of the pundits? Not so much.

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3 thoughts on “Hugh Keevins had an anti Celtic Sunday until a pundit and Hoops fan stepped in”

  1. Dalziel can have impartial moments,but over the piece his rangers leanings shine through

  2. I never listen to that rag of a show. Only ever hear about it on these blogs. So why even give that stinking orange show airtime. They still peddle the myth that RIFC are in fact RFC, when legally they are not, so why give mention to a low budget bias show who doesn’t adhere to the law of the land? Celtic has 51, RIFC has 1 – Mind The Gap.

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