Go Radio promote anti Kyogo debate as Barry Ferguson and Mark Guidi make incredible striker accusation

I am getting sick fed up of this topic of debate.

The narrative being pushed that somehow Celtic striker, Kyogo Furuhashi, is a cheat or a conman is becoming sinister.

Usually this type of trash talk is kept for the brain dead element of a particular set of supporters on Twitter, but on last nights Go Radio Football Show, it took another turn as two major pundits labelled the Celtic striker a diver after a loaded Rangers fan caller was allowed to spout his nonsense about the Hoops player.

And the pundits fell for it.

Barry Ferguson said, “Yeah the quicker we get VAR in the better.

For me I don’t like people diving. I’ll be honest with you, it’s a pet hate of mine. I’m not going to take anything away from Kyogo as a player, he’s been fantastic since he’s came in.

But some of the stuff that he done, I think it was John Souttar, he doesn’t need to do that.”

And fellow pundit Mark Guidi also joined in when he said, “And on diving, Kyogo has not covered himself in glory. But it’s not exclusive to Kyogo. 

“It happens in Scottish football. And what I’d say is, as I’ve said this many times on another station, for me, I’d love to see the PFA take the initiative, set an agenda on their own,  and say, ‘We do not condone diving you are cheating your fellow members‘.

“We give referees stick for getting decisions wrong and rightly so. Sometimes referees are being conned.  It’s not necessary. But it’s not exclusive to Kyogo. It happens in the game. And it needs to be stamped out.”

So it has gone mainstream now. The deranged opinions of the twitter idiots has been swallowed and verified by pundits on a national broadcaster.

What has the game come to!

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