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Fabrizio Romano: New Celtic name mentioned as EPL clubs ‘follow’ star

Good old Fab.

Just firing out another tweet with absolutely no substance, weight or proof behind it.

Remember the time he said Juranovic was set to leave the club last summer and nothing happened?

Not a sniff, not an offer and not a single phone call was fielded by big Ange.

And yet, here we are again and Fab knocked out this tweet this morning:

Call me a cynic but I’m pretty sure there are players all around the world being ‘tracked’ by various different clubs but that doesn’t necessarily turn into transfer interest now does it?

Fab has a reputation amongst football supporters as being in the know and bang on the money when it comes to rumours and in some cases his predictions do come true.

I like to think of it this way. Throw enough darts at a dartboard and you will, eventually, hit the bullseye.

And that’s what this guy does when it comes to Celtic because he knows nothing about our club.

Where was he when we had already signed Kobayashi? Where was his ‘insider knowledge’ when Alistair Johnston was putting pen to paper on a contract with us.

As Ange would say, he knew nothing, zip, nada. Or something like that.

Take this with the same pinch of salt Fab used to tweet it because Abada is going nowhere.

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