“Cry more”, “We run this country” – Celtic fans ridicule Vanguard Bears pathetic COVID tweet

Yesterday’s Scottish Government announcement really broke them didn’t it?

The news that full capacity crowds will be allowed from Monday vindicated the ten clubs that voted to bring the winter break forward this year as COVID threatened to shut the game down to fans once more.

Football is the lifeblood of the Scottish community and having to bear watching it again in soulless, empty stadiums just didn’t appeal to the fans.

Well, most of them at least.

Rangers fans WANTED no crowds. They wanted games effectively played behind closed doors. We all know the reasons why but they blamed Celtic’s injury list for a ten team decision to look after the fans of the game to suit their own agenda.

And now the ten clubs are found to be correct, they are still raging.

The latest tweet from The Vanguard Bears was roundly rinsed by the Celtic support as the fan group showed their dismay with a post that must have been designed by one of the kids or the guy that does their TIFO’s because it was a horrific effort:

And the Celtic fans roundly berated it with some hilarious replies:

I love Celtic twitter!

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