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Kenny Miller’s epic meltdown over Beale’s budget moans

Micheal Beale is slowly but surely being found out isn’t he?

The Motormouth from Govan has done nothing but flap his gums since he took the Ibrox hotseat and his latest garbage about budgets is utterly laughable.

Remind me again, does spending big  money give clubs a sporting advantage or not?

I seem to remember a certain inquiry telling us that it doesn’t. Or is that just when it suits the narrative?

Anyway, Kenny Miller had a moonhowling moment on Superscoreboard and absolutely lambasted Beale for his budget moan. Have a listen to this:

I have to say, if you didn’t know you would have thought Miller was a tim after that rant because every word he said was true.

No one has spoken about budgets since Mick the Excuse Man popped his head into Scotland.

He has just embarrassed himself with his comments and it won’t be long until the Rangers fans turn on him if he continues down this path and with no trophies to his name.

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