Celtic Racism accusation takes a bizarre turn on Twitter as Sky Sports man reveals witness

Racism has no place in society, never mind Scottish football. And when it rears it’s ugly head it should, rightly, be condemned from all angles.

When the accusation that racist abuse was witnessed at Paradise on Saturday afternoon, my heart sank.

For all the Celtic’s fans condemnation of the Ibrox clubs supporters for their participation in anti Catholic and anti Irish singing, you would think that this sort of practise would have been rooted out.

But, sadly, it seems that one person has tarnished the good name of the Celtic fans with an apparent racist chant at Livingston defender Ayo Obileye.

White House correspondent, Philip Crowther, was attending the match at Celtic Park and was tweeting after the game about his first experience at Paradise when he said:

And Sky Sports, Anthony Joseph, was on the end of a late night debate with a couple of Celtic fans who seemed to have an issue with the journalist tweet as they claim it seems to presume guilt of the incident taking place before the investigation has been concluded:

It really is an incredible thread which you can read from here.

Hopefully the culprit is found and charged and banned from the club for life.

Like many, I am sick fed up with mindless idiots tarnishing Scotland and our game because of their small minded bigoted attitudes.

Wise up people.

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3 thoughts on “Celtic Racism accusation takes a bizarre turn on Twitter as Sky Sports man reveals witness”

  1. If the witness is not Scottish then there is the possibility he’s misheard something like “ya mug ye” for “ya monkey”. We can but hope, because the alternative is sickening and if guilty the culprit should be severely battered until he’s fully on board the benetton bus like a normal person.

    1. Sorry, the racism thing didn’t happen- why has no one else reported on it? plus any American calling another game turgid clearly has had an irony bypass

  2. This whole racism thing is highly debatable- an American, first time at a football game, absolutely no understanding of the accent, suddenly hears a racist remark from supporters of a team who have Japanese, Portuguese, English, etc players, and echoed by a broadcaster who is no friend to Celtic? Where are the other witnesses? It’s fair to say he could be mistaken…and shame on fan sites for jumping on this, this sort of things happen at the Bigotdome, not Celtic Park

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