There is a disgraceful narrative building about one of Celtic’s stars. Why do we always need a fall guy?

One bad result and the scatter gun comes out. Off the back of four impressive away displays, Celtic drop points at home to Livingston in a game that many fans thought was a gimme.

Playing against that team is never a gimme for Celtic. Livingston are one of Celtic’s toughest opponents in recent years and getting a result against them has proven difficult.

From season 2018/19, Celtic have played Livingston a total of twelve times in the league. We have won four, drew six and lost two.

A 30% win rate against a side that parks the bus. That is not a slight on them, that is how they play every single time we come up against them and it is up to Celtic to break that down and for some reason we find it difficult.

Ange is finding that out this season just as Neil Lennon before him and Brendan Rodgers before him.

Apart from a rousing 6-0 last season, the only time we have beat them and kept a clean sheet was back in August 2018 in a 4-0 at Celtic Park.

But after Saturday’s result it seems that one player is taking the brunt from Celtic twitter, and to be honest, it is not surprising.

The Celtic fans always have a fall guy. And for some weird reason, it needs to be someone home grown.

James Forrest has suffered from it for years. Unbelievably, he got stick even through the Brendan Rodgers years when his career was completely transformed. Now it seems it’s the turn of Mikey Johnson.

At just 22 years old, he still has a lot of learning and developing to do. Hell, Callum McGregor didn’t properly come onto a game until he was at least, what, 23/24?

Johnson seems to be the target after Saturday’s draw and there was a lot of negativity floating around the social media platform about the youngster.

And there are many more like this. There are also tweets supporting the boy but this level of criticism is poor. Especially for a player who is just starting to get his career going.

In Johnson’s first proper season at Celtic back in 2018, he made 23 appearances, scoring 5 and creating 2. The following season he faired slightly better netting 6 times after just 22 appearances but he also created 6 goals.

Last season was cut short due to injury and after just five appearances this season after his lengthy lay off, fans are seemingly ready to write him off already.

It’s not a good look. He needs support. He needs backing but more importantly, he needs a proper run in the team which he hasn’t really had.

He might come good, he might not but surely to God the boy needs a chance before he is thrown on the scrapheap.

And for context. Look at Ralston. Same age and under Ange he is now starting to flourish.

Remember he was written off as a dud?


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