Celtic fans brilliant AGM “zombie club” retort as Wilson apologises for ‘demoted’ comment

Well it was a very highly charged and emotional day at Celtic’s AGM.

From Ian Bankier being pie’d by the Celtic supporting shareholders to pilloried about the pending appointment of Bernard Higgins, the fans certainly made their voices heard at today’s AGM.

With Resolution 12 firmly on the shareholders minds, the Celtic board were being held to account at their apparent ineptitude when it comes to delving deeper into this contentious issue that has driven a wedge between them and the support.

For those not familiar with Resolution 12, a full explanation of what it is and why it is so important to the fans can be found here.

A fan took this opportunity to hold the board to account with this brilliant one liner, “Your strategy has been to keep going a rivalry with a zombie club no one cares about.”

Which then led to Brian Wilson apologising for his use of terminology in Walter Smiths eulogy, where he appeared to rewrite history and deny Rangers liquidation by claiming they were demoted to the lower leagues rather than starting up as a new club, “That was an error on my part. I apologised for it and corrected it immediately.

It was an obituary I was writing. I’ve been writing them a long time in The Guardian.

“It has nothing to do with my role at Celtic.

“The audience I’m particularly concerned about are those who are affected by the loss. I tried to put it in context and in this case I got something wrong.

I’m very aware of the reality of the issue you refer to.

I apologised before I apologised again and can say no more than that.”

This Celtic board took a serious battering a the AGM and it seems the Parkhead support have had enough.

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