The Celtic board have tonight claimed that they have met their promise of “added value” to the fans from their pledge in June 2020 regarding the season ticket prices.

Thousands of fans forked out on average £550 for season tickets last summer to shower their backing for the club’s pursuit of the ill fated ten in a row.

The club then vowed to give the fans added value for their money in terms of a virtual season ticket where the supporters could watch all home games online. The board say the provision of two additional live matches, one live cup match, two delayed UEFA matches and some virtual programming was enough to meet their added value pledge.

The Celtic Trust disagreed and lobbied the club to issue shares as payment instead of refunds so the fans would be properly recompensed for not being able to attend games despite their financial backing.

A statement by the trust read, “The added value they say they have provided consists of a stream for a league cup game, two friendlies, two delayed European games (after they’d finished) and online programmes. 

“The Celtic Trust does not agree that any value has been provided which would meet the terms of the commitments made in June 2020 and we are also clear that no meaningful consultation has taken place given that no alternative proposals have been put to anyone by the PLC Board.

The full statement from the Trust can be read here. This is yet another example of the Celtic board still not getting the mood of the fans and proving yet again how out of touch they are with supporters.


  1. It saddens me that the club I love insults us so openly. I, like many others want to believe that the people running the club care about their supporters but again I am reminded that Celtic FC is just another football club owned by another greedy billionaire who only cares about profiting from the working classes so he can add to the obscene pile of money he already has. £3,000,000,000??? £4,000,000,000??? When will you have enough so that you don’t feel the need to exploit/shaft those that you profit from? You have more than enough Mr Desmond and you can still make a healthy profit while trying to stay true to the supporters and the values our club was founded on.

  2. When it comes to the renewal of your season ticket don’t we should be getting them for free no 10in a row manager sacked still no new manager no director of football no coaching staff no word on season tickets vst football coverage absolutely abysmal no fairness and transparency or communication with the fans and our so called enemie got new players in season tickets on sale we have just under 7 weeks until champions league matches get underway we have absolutely nothing in place no team yet directors are setting up preseason freindlys so I’m guessing that we don’t need a manegement team because yet again the directors are dealing with everything football they are making all the decisions so what’s the point in appointing a maneger maybe we should do what they done at GS and demonstrate at parkhead because the longer we sit back and do nothing the longer they will tell us nothing

  3. I have said before, I don’t know why supporters are surprised at anything this out of touch incompetent board do, they couldn’t care less what supporters think, they should have resigned after their abysmal failure to attain the 10IAR.

  4. What more do we expect from this lot. They think that because we all paid last year that we are all just going to pay again and let them take millions out the club as bonuses and we will just put our money in again without saying anything. Well its time we were heard and they listen HH

  5. I’m afraid if we want an end to capitalistic greed and inequality where the people own the modes and means of production including institutions like Celtic then we ought to be turning our backs on capitalism and saying hello to socialism. Until then we will always be surrounded by such examples of greed and corporate prioritising. Their only duty in the current system is a return on investment to their preference shareholders. That said, i would still accept their refusal to sweeten the supporters if it means they’ll adequately invest in the squad in order that the club can restore the 50 title gap over the tribute act from Ibrox next season. This ought to be the ultimate goal. We must remember that the collection buckets were left lying empty outside Ibrox in 2012 when their old club asked the fans for the money to save them and they instead stood by and let them die, so we have a far brighter future with far more fan involvement than they had even without our PLC supporting the proposal by the Celtic Trust. The added value we’ll see next season is the restoration of the natural order in the top flight when Celtic take back their title. Hoora.

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