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BBC pundit slaps down Morelos for lack of class and humility

Class and humility. Two things that will never go in the same sentence as Alfredo Morelos.

The Columbian striker has shown neither of these qualities since coming to Glasgow.

Hell, we are talking about a guy whose wife hired a private detective because she thought he was cheating on her!

So when Morelos does stupid things like this:

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It’s little wonder he is the most disliked striker in Scotland.

And the pundits on BBC Sportsound called him out. I’m sure this was Neil McCann speaking about it:

“Well the thing is, we’ve been at football grounds and watched games and we are castigating fans who’re throwing things on it and rightly so this should never take place.

But if you’re going to that area, and I remember that motherwell game where I think it was lighters and everything thrown on because it boiled over and fans just lost control, and there’s no excuse for it.

It shouldn’t still happen. But all it takes is a headcase on either side of the pitch to decide, ‘I’ve had enough of them’.

And if you remember Celtic here where Neil Lennon was attacked by a fan.

But don’t run past your own fans to go and celebrate on your knees in front of the opposition support. As I say that’s inflammatory. And I think it’s totally uncalled for. And I actually think John Beaton should have cautioned him and that that puts a lid on it.

“Have a bit of class and humilty about you.”

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