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“Stitch up” – Former Sevco star’s car crash Lafferty interview is a disgrace

I mean, there’s stupidity then there is Gareth McCauley.

The former Rangers defender has given an incredible interview where he appears to defend disgraced Northern Ireland striker, Kyle Lafferty.

Lafferty was involved in a alleged sectarian outburts where he appeared to label Celtic fans as a ‘pack of fenian b*st*rds” after a Celtic fan took the opportunity to wind up as he posed for a photo in a nightclub.

Lafferty was sent home from international duty whilst an investigation is carried out by Kilmarnock but McAuley seems to be trying to paint the striker as the victim in this incredible interview.

As reported by Football Scotland, McAuley said of the incident, “The photo opportunity was a complete stitch up and it appears that’s how some people get their kicks these days.

“But Kyle appears to have responded out of embarrassment and being the butt of a joke. What he should have done was smile and say nothing. Deep down be fuming, but rise above it.

“Instead, Kyle appears to give the reaction those with a camera wanted and more. Now he has an uncertain future. The outcome of Kilmarnock’s investigation will tell the tale.

“But it could be a sad end for someone who lies second in Northern Ireland’s all-time goalscoring charts and made 89 appearances.

“His legacy will likely be tarnished.

“In years to come he may not be remembered for the seven brilliant goals which helped us to qualify for Euro 2016.

“Instead, it may be his reaction in a short, sharp video on social media.

“A moment of madness, possibly saying something that will haunt him for the rest of his career.

“It appeared to be an angry and bitter reaction to being made to look like a fool.”

McAuley then went on to say, “Kyle appears to let his guard drop and has been accused of using a sectarian slur.

“Having watched the video I was bitterly disappointed. If he did use such derogatory language there is absolutely no place for that in football and I’m not surprised.

“Kilmarnock launched an investigation and came out with such a hard-hitting statement. The Irish FA took their time, but there is no way with such a serious allegation levelled against him that he could continue to take part in training or play in the Nations League games.

“I’m sure he is currently full of remorse and regret – if he is not, then he should be.”

Someone else who should be full of remorse and regret is McAuley after this car crash of an interview.

Let me put it this way, if it was a black man that said ‘Up the Celts’ to him would McAuley have been so quick to claim he was stitched up he responded with a racial slur?

Of course not. He would have been better off saying nothing at all as all he has done is come across as an apologist for Lafferty’s alleged slur.

And why would he be fuming at someone simply shouting ‘Up the Celts’? Is he so bitter and narrow minded that he can’t just brush this off as a wind up?

McAuley has let himself down badly here.

Or maybe he was just stitched up?

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3 thoughts on ““Stitch up” – Former Sevco star’s car crash Lafferty interview is a disgrace”

  1. They are all the same think they have the right to do what they want but say anything about them and it’s o so terrible

  2. “Having watched the video…” “If he did use such language…”

    Are you deaf as well as daft?

    “What he should have done was smile and say nothing…”

    Well given that he is an unrepentant bigot he obviously wasn’t capable of doing that and he showed his true self, the one we all knew was there before he opened his mouth.

    I’ve never heard of Gareth McCauley before, was he one of thems when they were making friends on their journey from the lowest point in our league set-up? Doesn’t really matter, as like every single one of their players, managers, directors, and fans, he is a total moron.

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