Kris Boyd’s Sky Sports Champions League tears are just magical

Lisbon Lions Stand, Celtic Park

All they had to do was turn up right? Turn up, beat this wee team from Belgium, go to either Monaco or PSV and ‘fear no foe’.

That’s all they had to do.

But what they hadn’t figured out was the jump from Europa League quality to Champions League quality is huge.

And in many ways, who can blame the Rangers support?

I do. It’s as if they forgot Malmö last season.

We’ll, a harsh lesson was learned again last night and maybe, just maybe, they will now stop their sense of entitlement and face the reality that they just don’t have the class to compete at that level.

But for all the bravado post match, nothing compares to watching Kris Boyd on Sky Sports after a Rangers defeat.

Enjoy this wee clip:

Humility in victory is just as important as in defeat.

Kris Boyd has neither and it is little wonder we take every opportunity to laugh at him every single time he has to cover a Rangers defeat.

Can the Ibrox club overturn this 2-0 deficit in the return leg?

I genuinely hope not. For only to watch Boyd’s tears once more.

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  • It matters not if it was 58 years. ST G were second in the Belgian top flight, a good standard to guage, Sevco, second best in SPL, minus their 2 best players, Aribo and Shirley, and the team still introducing themselves to each other. CL qualifications, not so easy.

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