Barry Ferguson proves yet again why he needs to stop talking about Celtic

I’m always amazed as to why Rangers leaning pundits have so much to say about Celtic and how we conduct our business.

Genuinely I do.

Pundits like Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller, Alex Rae and the rest always seem to have a lot to say when it comes to how our club is run but very little about their own clubs affairs.

The reasons for that is obvious. The Ibrox club is a f**king circus. No one knows how that place is ran but when Go Radio pundit Barry Ferguson was talking transfers, he shows how little he knows about our team when he made this suggestion.

When speaking about former Hibs man Martin Boyle, Ferguson said, “Martin Boyle. I don’t know why Rangers or Celtic didn’t go for him.

“The thing that worried me about him was his end product but at Hibs he just got better and better and better.

“I was just surprised he went to Saudi Arabia but obviously the money is great.

“He’s a match winner, that’s what defenders hate. We were talking about Matondo earlier on and saying to use his pace. Martin Boyle knows how to use his pace.”

He does. But so do our own players.

Would Boyle get in our first team ahead of Jota, Maeda or Abada?

Hell I reckon he would struggle to get in ahead of Forrest.

Boyle isn’t good enough. End of.

And at 29 years old, a player in his position starts to decline rather than get better.

Stick to talking Sevco Barry, but then, even their fans think he talks a load of nonsense as well.

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