Hugh Keevins makes the banned list as he shoots down ridiculous Sevco fans Celtic transfer claim

I’ve always found the *Rangers fans views on our game and Celtic fascinating.

For over two decades we have dominated Scottish football. Sweeping up trophy after trophy whilst they claim they the most ‘successful’ team in the world.

Even that claim in itself is ridiculous as I am sure Real Madrid and their THIRTEEN Champions League titles would like to dispute that.

But I digress.

It’s their (the Rangers fans) take on our transfer business that is incredible.

Celtic have spent big this summer to secure CCV and Jota. Brilliant pieces of business that keeps two high quality players at the club for the foreseeable future.

Strengthening the team right?

Nah. Not to them. We are just ‘standing still’ now aren’t we? Cause they were there last season.

It’s bizarre logic that only they understand and it was that logic that was put to Hugh Keevins on Superscoreboard which the veteran journalist put to bed.

Hugh said, “My take on is that is that it’s not paying big money to stand still.

If they hadn’t paid the big money they would have let down Ange Postecoglou and the supporters and the other Celtic players.

They have paid the big money to insure that the title winners move forward. They are not standing still.

“They are moving forward. Because if they hadn’t bought Carter Vickers and Jota, it would have been undoubtedly a step backwards.”

Clear, simple logic that seems to evade the supporters from Govan.

That will be Clyde 1 and Hugh now on the banned list!

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  • The easy reply is “If that’s Celtic standing still what are Sevco doing by re-signing their OAP goalie and defender?

  • The reason why they claim to the best in the world is because they actually know they are not.
    The clubs who are the best in the world do not need to make claims. Their work speaks for itself.
    The pathetic Old Firm FC and the majority of their pathetic support base suffer because they actually have to deflect constantly from their inferiority in all areas relating to their club, including common decency.

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