“The rage is real”, “Imagine feeling compelled to share this” – Ewan Cameron’s latest hypocritical anti Celtic tweet

Lisbon Lions Stand, Celtic Park

This guy.

What is he like? All season long he has been at this with his digs and slants at Celtic you would think he was a *Rangers fan.

But it’s worse. He claims to be a Hearts fan but I have yet to see him tweet anything positive about his own club.

A club that came up from the depths of the Championship to claim the ‘We are the third best team in Scotland’ trophy.

Weird that innit?

But yet, here he is, a mere fifteen minutes into watching the champions and he tweets this:

Now, whilst I agree that some of the sing book from our fans needs a right good shake up, the silence from him is palpable when it comes to his own fans choice of songs and sectarian p*sh or even those at Govan.

The lack of proper balance from Murray makes him come across as a bitter wee man.

And it’s not a good look for a journalist

And these Celtic fans agree:

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  • Personally I don’t have a problem with any songs sung by our support we never sing anything derogatory about race or greed if you have a problem put songs down in print so it can be discussed

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