“Even Rangers fans hate him” – Known social media troll lambasted for sick Celtic COVID claim

There is nothing that shocks me on social media these from those fans.

Happy to throw around child abuse for point scoring, racism and sectarianism, getting people sacked from their jobs, the twitter element of their support is the most toxic I can remember in a long time.

And known twitter Sevco troll, Chris McLaughlin, stooped to a new low after his antics a couple of days ago.

As ten out of twelve clubs agreed to bring forward the winter shutdown to avoid fans being locked out, McLaughlin tweeted out an abhorrent accusation against the club that drew the ire of the Celtic support:

Now, clearly this guy is pandering to his audience, but to lower your morals to such a degree you would use the death of a former player to take a dig at the club? That’s a whole level of wrong.

And the Hoops fans rounded on him for his current, and past, twitter behaviour:

Play with fire and all that eh………

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  • You claimed it was a joke saying you had cancer , you should not laugh at people’s misfortune,
    Because it will hit you too some day , and I hope you remember e mail
    As you will suffer insurmountable pain and die

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