Beaton was right! – Penalty and free kick complaints batted away by ex PL referee

The moaning and groaning from the Hibs fans, players and managers about the cup final referee, John Beaton, have a hint of the sour grapes about them.

Not taking any accountability for their parts in Kyogo Furuhashi’s goal, the Hibs side would rather prefer to lay all the blame the referee.

Forget the fact that they completely switched off twice. Forget the fact that they ‘assumed’ a sub was about to be made and forget the fact that Tom Rogic’s kick was about 70 yards away from the goal, rather than look inwards and accept culpability, they have chosen to berate John Beaton.

Now, I am no fan of his. Far from it so I will leave my opinion on him at the door.

So instead, take former English Premier League ref, Dermot Gallagher’s word for it.

Speaking on Sky Sports News, Gallagher was analysing the two major talking points in the game, one being the supposed last minute penalty, when he said, “I think not. It’s a coming together and no more than that.

“The defender is strong. You see the forward coming up very, very quickly. I don’t think he’s convinced it’s a penalty either.

“We’ve already seen Trent Alexander-Arnold put his hands on the back. It’s what impact is has.”

And of the Hibs players and managers crying about Tom Rogic’s quick free kick, Gallagher said, “This is all about the consequence.

“The free-kick is given and because the ball is chipped in very, very quickly and the goal results from it, it becomes a big talking point.

“You see free-kicks given like that. It’s a free-kick that you see in many, many games.

“The referee is always going to allow them to take it quick if they are in the right place.”

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