“Whose stupid idea was this?” – James Dornan’s incredible attack on the Celtic supporters silent protests

James Dornan, over the last week or so, has taken it upon himself to air his views on Celtic and it’s support.

In a guest piece in The Celtic Blog, Dornan bemoaned the Parkhead supports’ choice of songs and was controversial in his views when he wrote, “However, recently when I watch Celtic, particularly in away games, I am embarrassed by the songs and chants that comes from one section of the ground.

Celtic are a Scottish team with a proud Irish background, something we should be happy to celebrate. I have even started and convened a cross party group on Ireland within the Scottish Parliament which I hope will help in that celebration of Irish culture in Scotland.

However, we are not the sporting division of Ireland’s struggle for reunification, which I believe in.

But it is for the Irish people to decide, not a group of football fans, and it will be a political not sporting decision.

It was a contentious piece that, when you look at the twitter thread it was posted on, divided opinion amongst the fans.

However, it seems the MSP has scored a spectacular own goal when he blasted criticism at the Celtic fans for the continued silent protests by major fan groups surrounding the appointment of Bernard Higgins to a prominent position at the club:

Talk about reading the room. Considering it was his party that facilitated the OBAFA clearly Dornan has a vested interest here.

But surely a man of his position, and undeniably a Celtic supporter, should be more aware at how much he opens himself to criticism and I also wonder if he actually read in the article what Juranovic actually said rather than tweet from the headline alone?

However, it didn’t go down well with the Celtic fans and here are some of the replies (clean ones at least) that showed just how off the mark he is with this one:

2 thoughts on ““Whose stupid idea was this?” – James Dornan’s incredible attack on the Celtic supporters silent protests”

  1. To be honest I don’t believe we will be taken any lessons from you or your party There is nothing wrong with singing about your heritage or to be proud of it also your lot gave Higgins the power to terrorise supporters going or returning from games,being arrested or having searches on there person or house do us all a favour shut up unless you have something sensible to say which very seldom happens from a politician

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