Real Betis official twitter account calls out Rangers fans homophobic tweet

Everyone Anyone right?

That is what you are meant to believe but how can you when a certain section of their fans don’t even believe it themselves?

From racist chanting, to sectarian singing, a certain section of their support just can’t let go of the past and come and join us in the 21st century.

After a brilliant contest at Celtic Park, Real Betis tweeted a photo of a half and half scarf of both clubs with the backdrop of the River Clyde as they showed their appreciation of their rivals ahead of the game.

A nice touch of class.

Until this.

And no sooner had this guy shamed his club and his country, Betis (and Celtic fans) were all over it:

You genuinely have to wonder at the mindset of some folk and if they are truly happy at being stuck back in the dark ages.

Thankfully, here in the real world, the sane amongst us rounded on this trash and condemned the nature of the tweet:

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