“Sinister & utterly insincere” – Popular twitter account calls out Crawford Allan

In all my time following football, I have never seen a reaction to a dubious decision as I have over Kyogo’s goal against Hearts.

It received all sorts of attention and media coverage over the weekend and even now, there are Rangers fans still pushing a narrative that, somehow, Celtic are on more of the right side of poor refereeing mistakes.

It is a clear and blatant attempt to try and deflect the attention from the obvious gains their team consistently receive from the men in black and twitter account ‘Inside The SPFL’ called it out over the weekend.

More accurately, the account called out the appearance of referee chief, Crawford Allan’s appearance on BBC Sportsound to discuss the goal.

I mean, when has that EVER happened? Ever?

And what kind of precedence does it set?

And when asked to provide examples of this apparent bias towards the Ibrox club:

And when a Hearts supporter jumps in to have a go:

And to prove the point that Allan’s appearance on the show is bizarre, he named various decisions that affected multiple teams over the season and the head of refs stayed silent:

And this is where he is on the money? Why did he come out now and speak? Why not keep his powder dry?

Because you just know that anytime a contentious refereeing decision goes against other clubs, Allan must come out and speak now right?

For the interests of balance and fairness of course…….

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  • Yer man is protecting the system. Nothing less. They’ll throw a linesman to the wolves easily enough(Dougie Dougie) but not a ref.
    The ‘system’ needs to become apparent. This for me is the angle, the real issue.

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