“I made a silly comment” -Charlie Adam’s embarrassing Sevco climb down and liquidation denial

For some strange reason, former Rangers midfielder and now Dundee player, Charlie Adam, has felt the need to come out and grovel to the Ibrox support for comments he made in 2012 when Rangers hit the peak of their financial troubles.

Back then, he was starring for Liverpool and when he was asked about the financial troubles of his former club he replied, “I am not interested.

Simple as that. It is nothing to do with me.

“He might lose his job and it is going to be difficult

Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. Family comes first.

But as he prepares to face his old club at Ibrox this afternoon, Adam has somehow felt the need to placate the Govan fanbase in an interview this morning, probably in the hope of staving off any abuse he might receive from the stands in an embarrassing climbdown when all he was doing was speaking the truth at the time,

“My brother was there and there was talk about administration and he was losing his job.

“Sometimes you say things you regret. I certainly regret that because I owe a lot to that football club. It gave me a start in professional football. I never meant it in a bad way, it probably came across wrong.

“There might be a few boos (on Saturday) – listen, I made a silly comment a few years ago about the football club.

“It wasn’t that I didn’t care about the supporters, I cared about what the then owners were doing to the club. I respect Rangers, 150 years of unbelievable history. I got an unbelievable upbringing there.

Its ok Charlie son, no one remembered. Until now. Oh dear.

4 thoughts on ““I made a silly comment” -Charlie Adam’s embarrassing Sevco climb down and liquidation denial”

  1. He made a “silly comment”?

    There you have folks, to a hun the idea of truth is “silly”…no surprise there.

  2. Is charlie the hun scared incase he gets bullied buy the scum at liquidated liebrox nearly every player that played at liebrox said the same thing ranjurs are liquidated now thats afact but as soon as the 5way agreement was made up thats when the lies all started and our board at paradise signed the 5way agreement 2012 dirty cowards blue pound grabbing bastards celtic board.

  3. why did they not play in the europa league in 2012 13 . any mention of 150 is insulting to the people owed money including the union that they are so loyal to.

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