Well, well, well. The man who thought he could knock back Celtic and walk into another job has once again been left in the lurch as yet another English Premier League club decides to change direction.

Eddie Howe will always forever be remembered by Celtic fans as the man who thought he was bigger than the club. Flirting with Celtic for three months with the promise of the big reveal only to walk away at the point of no return, leaving not only the fans frustrated but the club feeling embarrassed and rejected.

It was long rumoured that Howe possibly had his eye on an English Premier League job and at the time he was being courted by Celtic, he apparently had a wandering eye towards Crystal Palace, Tottenham and the Everton job when it became available.

For thirteen weeks Howe led Celtic on only to then to think he could find a more attractive proposition. But lets face it, Scottish Football, and Celtic in general, were probably punching above their weight trying to get Howe and what happened to us, is EXACTLY what is happening to Howe.

He is not big enough for the EPL now. In the short space of time he has been away from the game, the EPL has moved on from Howe. And when you look at the jobs he was favourite for, the Howe name is just sexy enough for Scotland, but not so much for England.

Howe has seemingly been throwing himself at every job going in the EPL but so far Everton, Spurs, Crystal Palace and Wolves have blanked him. Hell, even his ex, Bournemouth, have not gave him a look in.

He should have came to Celtic. Celtic had his word. A mans word is his bond. And who is to say the minute a job came up in England he fancied he wouldn’t be off at the slightest sniff of interest?

Seems Celtic have dodged a bullet with this one.

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