The last time Scotland made it to a major tournament, France 98, I was 18 years old and in a bar in Magaluf. Scotland v Brazil. What a day that was. The pub was bouncing and the atmosphere was electric.

If I’d known then what I know now and it would have been another 23 years before I saw us in another tournament I would have made the most of that day and drank more whiskey!

But as it is, Scotland have finally qualified for a finals and the country is getting geared up for Euro 2020 with great optimism and excitement.

The Scotland boss that took the country to that tournament, Craig Brown, was speaking to The Go Radio Football Show where he made an incredible claim, “Maybe I’m a but naïve, but I think would we could go right into the final here. Even, you know, win it.

“Why do I say that? Portugal didn’t win a group game and they won the tournament. Greece won the tournament and Denmark, they were on the beach and they won it.

Denmark won it when they came in with no preparation. And as I say Portugal didn’t win a group game.

“People are joking with me and saying, ‘You can’t be serious‘. I said I think we can go the distance here.

Win it! The majority of the country are just happy to be there. Hell, to get out the groups would be the stuff of dreams. But win it? It would take the rest of 2020 for Scotland to sober back up if that came to pass!

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  • As long as Scotland is an Independent nation i quite frankly don’t give a Rafael Sheidt about a game of football.

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