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The events of Saturday shook the very core of Scottish media, social media and football fanbase. The absolute carnage witnessed was on a scale never been seen before on Scottish soil by it’s own citizens.

The media outcry, although long overdue, is more than welcome but for me, it doesn’t go far enough. This argument of a ‘minority of fans’ that have been the cause of the troubles is a fabled argument. There have been many instances of this kind of behaviour amongst the Rangers fans and not just in the annuls of history.

From Manchester, Romania, Hampden and now these two George Square instances, this is not a ‘minority’. This is deep rooted, self entitlement on a grand scale. The cry of “We are the People” is just the start of where these fans see themselves. But sticking solely to the events of Saturday, these scenes were a disgrace, but not unexpected.

This was planned since March. The police knew it, the Scottish Government knew it. Everyone knew it. Systematic failures to prevent this rather than pander to the Rangers fans act as enablers for their behaviour. But be clear. This is not a minority. Don’t take my word for it though.

Here is a paramedic that called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard and gave his account of what he witnessed on Saturday and listening to him, you can hear the incredulity at what he was subjected to, “First I would like to commend Alex Rae on his stance on the carnage of Saturday night on the basis he is probably the only one from what you would say the Rangers faction that has been outspoken.

“I was actually a paramedic serving on Saturday evening and it’s the first time I’ve ever been involved in anything of that scale. I had a basically a new start with me of four months on the job. She is actually due to be back out again on Sunday. And basically, how traumatised she was, she couldn’t commit to the shift.

“This whataboutery about it only being a small minority, that has to stop. We have seen it far too often. Even as a Thistle fan myself, we can draw a reflection on other clubs in Scotland but never has there ever been anything witnessed in any city in Scotland that we witnessed on Saturday night.

“I fear it echo’s back to Manchester. What did we learn from that experience? Because here we are all, these years later, and it’s exactly the same script. The small minority excuse is an absolute disgrace. The level of abuse we took. We were basically spat on, the sectarian language we endured from the moment the Rangers fans arrived in George Square right through to half past one in the morning.

“Even to the degree that the colour of a uniform is getting brought up using the F word to describe in a religious connotation what we were. These are the type of knuckle draggers that we had to deal with.

To be treated like that in the middle of a global pandemic, when we are front line workers and to stand and endure that level of abuse. And to witness the police have bottles thrown at them for at least four hours solid, there’s just no excuse for it.”

A truly shocking account which left the pundits speechless. So lets do everyone a favour. Call it out. Stop pandering and maybe, just maybe, we can all move forward as a country and eradicate this sectarian cancer from our society.

karamoko is going nowhere. the rebuild needs him

All the speculation regarding young Celtic winger Karamoko Demeble contract and whether he will be at the club next year has been all but blown out of the water.

After Celtic’s victory against St Johnstone last night, interim manager John Kennedy, lifted the lid on the young Hoops stars future and insisted he is going nowhere, “There is a lot of speculation in terms of Karamoko being out of contract in the summer.

“I don’t know where that that has come from because he has another year left.

“In terms of him, again a young player and every young player has a different pathway. Karamoko has been spoken about as the next superstar, but people develop physically at different rates.

“He is probably one who still has a bit of development, but is a terrific talent – we know that.

“It’s not a token gesture, he has done well in training recently.”

Dembele’s reputation as being a star for the future has been well documented and Kennedy does make an excellent point. Players do develop at different rates and the stance Celtic have taken with him will hopefully aid his progress as it could be seen as the club protecting him from the pressures of being the next Celtic star.

Dembele could be pivotal for Celtic next season. Expected Celtic gaffer Eddie Howe has a fantastic reputation for developing and nurturing young talent and I would expect Dembele to make a huge impact on Howe’s revolution in the summer.


The clamour for the new manager is understandable. I even get the anger towards people like me that report or write about pundits and ex players opinions on when the new manager will be announced or even who the new manager will be.

From my point of view, it is extremely frustrating trying to put a positive spin on the continued speculation regarding the Celtic manager. It has been over 80 days since Neil Lennon left Celtic and by rights, the new man should be in place already.

Cast your mind back to 2016. Celtic had been put out the Scottish Cup in penalties against Rangers*. There was absolute uproar amongst the fans as the Newco denied the Hoops with a squad, quite frankly, that should never have got anywhere near that Hoops side. Ronny Delia eventually left the club and Brendan Rodgers was appointed.

That date of that appointment? 23rd May 2016. Ten days from now. Now obviously I know the circumstances were different as Rangers* are now resurgent but does anyone else remember another time when Celtic struggled against their financially doped rivals and the points difference was about the same as this season?

Cast your mind even further back. The year 2000. Oldco won the league by 21 points. Celtic were seven points worse off then and when did they eventually appoint Martin O’Neill? June of that summer. June. And what happened after that is now folklore.

And I would say that Celtic were in a worse place then than they are now. Eddie Howe looks like the man who will eventually be unveiled. There is plenty of time for the new manager to get his feet under the table and turn this around.

All that is needed is patience and time.


Alex Ferguson has sensationally lifted the lid on the open bigotry he experienced as a player at Rangers from a member of the Ibrox boardroom. Ferguson opened up on the day he signed for Rangers and disclosed a conversation with an unnamed boardroom director when the director learned of the legendary managers wife being a Catholic, “When I signed for Rangers. One of the directors, he asked me about Cathy (Ferguson’s wife) and he saysI have to ask you a question about your wife. I believe she’s catholic‘.

I said, ‘Yeah. He saysWhere you married in a chapel?I says, ‘No we got married in a registry office‘. He says, Well that’s alright then.

“And I should have telt him to fuck off. I really should have. I had supported Rangers, as a boy and had an opportunity to play for Rangers. You’re prepared to take nonsense. I let myself down and I let wife down. That was the most important thing. She was a devout Catholic.”

The video was shared by prominent Celtic author Stephen O’Donnell who has written “Tangled Up in Blue: The Rise and Fall of Rangers F.C.” and “Fergus McCann Versus David Murray: How Celtic Turned the Tables on Their Glasgow Rivals: And the Decline of Scottish Football”.

Ferguson was filming a documentary on his life when he dropped this bombshell and to be honest, it’s nothing new to most Celtic fans. The Ibrox club had an open anti Catholic signing policy and although they have made steps to address this over the last 30 years, more work needs to be done to eradicate sectarianism from Scottish Football.


The Ben Davies transfer saga was one of those stories that summed up Celtic’s season. The done deal that never was baffled the Celtic fans and caused serious embarrassment to the Parkhead hierarchy. Then boss, Neil Lennon, was convinced he had his man and it was widely reported by the Scottish media that the ‘deal was done‘.

Amazingly, Liverpool stepped in and stole a march on the deal as news emerged that Davies hadn’t signed the deal and was still available to move to another club. £500,000 later and a SIGNED contract later, Davies was a Kopite and Celtic were left reeling.

As details emerged on how the deal fell through (as reported by Vital Celtic), the big defender has yet to appear for The Reds this season and his misery was further compounded at the weekend when Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp, opted for academy graduate Ryhs Williams to start in the 2-0 home win against Southampton.

In fact, Davies never even made the matchday squad and how he must be thinking what he needs to do to play for Liverpool or will he need to move on to resurrect his now seemingly flailing career?

Klopp addressed leaving his winter window signing out of the squad and what he said doesn’t look good for the big defender, “For Ben it’s not easy in our situation; we brought him in and he has to adapt and all of these kind of things. He is a really good player.

“If you bring one new player and then a second new player it changes everything, so we have to see which decision we make for it.”

Klopp’s words are ominous for Davies and it looks like his Liverpool career is over before it has even started. Would Celtic look to make their move again as they aim to rebuild the squad in the summer?

the time celtic scouted a brazilian wonderkid and came back with scheidt

We all remember the day this Brazilian powerhouse was paraded at Celtic Park with the scarf above his head and the smiles when he was donning the Hoops on the photo shoot.

One of the signings from the ill fated John Barnes era, Scheidt was a phenomenon. Not with his footballing ability, but the fact Gremio managed to syphon £5m out of Celtic for a player that couldn’t tackle a fish supper never mind Scottish footballs top strikers.

Speaking on his A Celtic State of Mind podcast, host Paul John Dykes recalled the timeline of the move and revealed that Celtic were actually on the trail of a little known Brazilian called Ronaldinho when somehow, Scheidt caught the eye of the then scouting team, “Celtic sent some people on a scouting mission over to Brazil to watch Gremio in the late 90’s.

And at that time there was a young Ronaldinho tearing it up, and we brought home, Raphael Scheidt for 5 million quid. So we could have got Ronaldinho”

This is the first time I’d ever heard this story and it truly is amazing to think of what could have been. Hopefully the new manager will bring in a scouting team worthy of the Hoops and we don’t end up with more Scheidt in the squad.

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