It’s a strange wee world we live in. Only in the Scottish media would a £5m profit on a player be regarded as a negative.

With Odsonne Edouard about to depart for the bright lights of Leicester City, the £20m reported payment that Celtic will receive will be subject to a sell on clause owed to Paris St Germain.

It is well known that the French billionaires will be owed 50% of any profit made on the Frenchman so why are the media intent on spinning it now as a negative?

The simple answer is it’s because it’s Celtic. With the success of the Hoops being able to buy low and sell high over the last few years, the written press simply can’t wait for a negative spin to be laid on the next transfer “disaster”.

Now, let me be clear. A 50% sell on clause is madness in any transfer deal but if that is what it took to get Eddy to Paradise then I for one am delighted.

Plus the 50% clause is not a surprise. Everyone knew about it at the time. The press knew, the supporters knew and so did any potential buyer.

So why the negativity? Granted the price Celtic are going to receive is significantly less than what it would have been last summer, but if Edouard went for £35m instead of £20m, would the press be reporting a profit of £13m as a positive or the fact that PSG are owed £13m as a negative?

I think we all know the answer to that.

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  • The main stream media are known for their anti Celtic agenda, so it comes as no surprise they play down Celtic’s achievements and embellish the so-called negatives on all footballing matters, yet they attempt to promote the ‘survival lie’ with regards the current Ibrox club. Sadly for them we see through them and moreover, Scots Law does not support their false claims and liquidation denial. Liquidation happened, and they’re on the wrong end of a 51/ 1 title differential. Mind The Gap.

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