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“There must be something else” – Former Celt makes Peter Lawwell transfer meddling claim

How many times have we seen on social media that Cetic fans are unhappy about the return of Peter Lawwell as Chairman of the club.

Those in power were keen to point out that the role is a ‘non-executive’ one but that doesn’t seem to be fooling anyone as the former CEO is feared a micro manager and many fans feel he had too much influence over every role at the club. Especially transfer matters.

Now that he is back, the apparent snails pace at Celtic getting a new striker in the building has set the narrative that somehow, Lawwell’s return to the club is influencing this.

Not so says Frank McAvennie.

Speaking to Football Insider, McAvennie said, “It is not like Ange to talk about players before they are done.

“I do not understand why that has fallen short. [Cho Gue-sung]

“Everyone jumps to conclusions and says that because Peter Lawwell is back in everything has slowed down.

He is the chairman now so he has not got anything to do with buying the players. So there must be something else.

“Giakoumakis is a certainty to go. I thought he was a good addition but he has been missing some chances.“

I can’t see Lawwell being allowed to interfere with Ange’s running of the club. Lawwell was instrumental in bringing the gaffer to us, do we really expect that he would be so careless to p*ss off Ange?

Postecoglou would walk. And if that happened there would be furious backlash from the fans.

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