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Gordon Duncan explains Scottish Cup ticket pricing. Celtic not to blame

Of course, we all know Celtic are not to blame. We all know that but if you were to look at the media narrative over the pricing of the Scottish Cup semi final tickets, you would be forgiven for thinking that both Glasgow clubs set up a price fixing racket.

That couldn’t be further from the truth so let’s see what the real issue is surrounding the pricing and it was perfectly explained by Clyde 1 radio host, Gordon Duncan.

Speaking on Superscoreboard, Duncan said, “For a Falkirk v Inverness game to be thirty eight quid is mind blowing.

To me, to you, to the people listening, to the Falkirk and Inverness fans and for most fans neutrals it just feels wrong. It feels like that and I will always stick up for fans who want cheaper ticket prices.

Having said that, as we know, the rule is there that both semi finals have to be priced the same.

Now the truth is, you could charge 150 quid a ticket for the Rangers v Celtic game and it would still sell out.

Naturally, you’re not gonna go that far. I’m taking it to the extremes.

And the ticket revenue for the two semis is split amongst the four clubs.

So whilst Falkirk v Inverness, the ticket price is high, those clubs are then going to benefit from the 38 quid because Rangers and Celtic will sell out the day before.

So again, there’s a problem there for sure. It seems like to to everyone that thirty eight quid to watch a league one team and a championship team seems like a lot.

But again, if you’re Falkirk and Inverness, you have to assume they’re happy with that.”

So it turns out it’s not just Celtic and Rangers that are looking for a payday.

Who would have thunk it, eh?

Celtic fans roast Hugh Keevins’ disrespectful Scottish cup final comments

I often wonder what goes through people’s heads, namely journalists, when they come with this absolute p*sh that Hugh Keevins has.

Think about it. Now, I’m a Celtic fan, this sort of narrative should resonate with me. But it doesn’t. In fact, I would go as far as saying that this sort of thinking is kind of embarrassing.

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Keevins said, “Inverness Caley Thistle will represent the Championship and the final team in the draw will either come from that division or the one beneath.

“In other words, we will either have a showpiece worthy of the occasion at Hampden on June 3, or else a one-sided, run of the mill wash-out that would, in terms of pre-match promotion, tax the corporate imagination of the newly constituted organisation called Scottish Football Marketing.”

And it does a massive disservice to our game.

To claim the Scottish Cup Final is only worthy of the Glasgow two being in the final is hugely disrespectful to Falkirk, Inverness Calley and Ayr should any of these team make it.

The final is a reward for being one of the best teams in the competition. And, for me, we and Rangers have no God-given right to win it. You need to earn it.

If either ourselves or Rangers don’t make it to the final it’s because we haven’t deserved it (unless VAR plays it’s part).

Scottish football fans love the Scottish Cup because it’s a competition that is taken seriously by all who enter it Do we want it to become like England’s FA Cup where none of the EPL clubs pay heed to it until the semi final stages?

Hugh would be well TALKING UP the game and rather than sticking the boot in but then that doesn’t get the clicks his bosses need to pay him for this drivel.

Aaron Mooy shares what ‘he hasn’t experienced before’ in his career what he does at Celtic

Aaron Mooy is an experienced footballer. At 32 years of age, the big Australian has experienced a lot in the game.

From being one of the top players in the A League, to a rookie at St Mirren, Mooy has also experienced the English Premier League with Brighton and the rough and tumble of the English Championship with Huddersfield.

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All that alongside a two year stint in Japan and a brilliant international career that has seen him perform at multiple World Cups, you would think Mooy had seen and experienced it all.

Not so. Not till he arrived at Celtic.

Mooy opened up on life at the Hoops and revealed what it’s really like living with the expectation of the fans and the pressure to win every week.

As reported by Football Scotland, Mooy said, “Listen, Celtic is a demanding club. Whenever I play I’m under pressure to perform and win. That’s what the supporters expect.

“It’s enjoyable because you feel everything at this club. The support, the pressure. Everything you can feel in football, you feel it at Celtic.

I’m enjoying the challenge and hopefully it can be a good season. But I hate this bit, doing press conferences!

“But the heightened senses here really energise me. I’m getting a bit older so I’m trying to maximise everything that I’m doing.

“Celtic is a club where you feel the support, you feel everything. I’m just taking it all in.

“It’s a feeling of relief when you win more than exhilaration, 100 percent. Especially in big games, that’s the first thing you feel relief – it’s not joy or happiness.

“Because you just did what you were meant to do. That’s something I have not experienced before in my career.”

And it’s a challenge the second most popular Aussie at the club is living up to.

The fans love him. So much so that the chant the ‘Aaron Mooy’ song week in week out.

Mooy has been an excellent capture for the club and with one year left on his deal, we get to enjoy him for at least another season.

Class footage of Celtic fans in Tynecastle home end goes viral

Celtic fans will go anywhere and do anything to support their club.

Whether it’s travelling in their thousands around the globe or just along the M8 to Edinburgh, our fans are the most committed in Scottish football.

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And today at Tynecastle was no exception.

There was footage of a post match pyro display at Gorgie that went viral after the final whistle had gone:

But it was this video of three young Hoops fans in the Tynecastle home end flying the tricolour at full time that caught my eye:

Outstanding from those young men that must have found it extremely difficult to hold their counsel during that 90 minutes whilst their heroes trampled over their Edinburgh rivals.

Celtic now face another date with Hampden destiny as they progress to the Scottish Cup semi final where they will find out in due course who they will face after Rangers face Rait Rivers tomorrow and Ayr square up to Falkirk on Monday night.

The treble is on and only two games now stands between Ange Postecoglou and legendary status amongst the Celtic support.