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“It is nothing that Brendan Rodgers will fear” – Viaplay Sports man tips Celtic manager to calm dressing room after Ange exit

Brendan Rodgers‘ second coming has really captured the imagination of the Celtic fans and the football punditry world.

The Northern Irishman returned to Celtic this week after a four year absence and it’s fair to say it has caused a stir.

But could the departure of  Ange Postecoglou, have caused some players to think about their own futures? Could Rodgers help allay their fears about a new manager coming in?

Allan Hutton seems to think so.

Speaking to Football Insider, Hutton said, “I think they will respond well.

“Everybody respects the manager, it does not matter who it is.

“He has got a real good CV, he knows the club, has been down in England, managed big players, big egos as well. It is nothing that Brendan Rodgers will fear.

“Players looking up to him will know that he is a high calibre manager so all the players will want to impress him as well.”

The loss of Postecoglou will definitely be offset with the acquisition of Rodgers.

There is no doubt the Northern Irishman will have the reputation to make players want to play for him. 

If Celtic didn’t get someone of the calibre of Rodgers, then I might have been worried that some may want to leave.

But now? I’m confident the Celtic players will all want to see what they can achieve under a proper, elite coach.

Martin O’Neill: The one thing Brendan Rodgers needs to overcome at Celtic

The Brendan Rodgers return to Celtic really has stolen all the headlines over the last ten days or so.

Just think, two weeks ago, the Celtic fans were celebrating a world record eighth domestic treble.

And now? We could be potentially celebrating the return of a figure that was despised by the majority of the Celtic supporters just over three years ago.

We don’t need the backstory. We all know it. And legendary former Celtic manager, Martin O’Neill has told Rodgers that he needs to fix that.

In fact, he believes he will by doing something simple.

O’Neill said [The Sun], “Well, why not?

“When Brendan left the football club some fans weren’t happy, so he has to overcome that.

“I think he knows that himself. 

“But like anything else, you start winning football matches, that’s forgotten. The sooner you win the games, the better.

“He’s coming into a really winning side, he was successful himself as the manager.

“At the end of it all, there’ll be the occasional feeling he left under more difficult circumstances, but I think if you win the football matches, you’re forgiven.”

Rodgers has already intimated privately that he wishes to mend the broken bond between him and the Celtic support.

And the only way he can do that is by defending the treble, picking up from his H*nskelping days and making us a force again in Europe.

Over to you Brendan.

After Maresca, another Brendan Rodgers back up plan bites the dust as Celtic fans wait for announcement

The wait to hear about Brendan Rodgers joining Celtic continues. Many Celtic fans expected some sort of news today, but as yet, nothing.

Whilst many reports still claim that Celtic are speaking to other candidates, one more has bitten the dust.

After Enzo Maresca looks like he will be shortly announced as the new Leicester City manager, Celtic-linked Kieran McKenna is also now out of the running.

Now that McKenna has signed on woth Ipswich Town, Celtic’s shortlist of back up plans grows ever shorter shod Rodgers decide a second stint in Glasgow is not for him.

The only real viable candidate now is Kjetil Knutsen but the Norwegian has been consistent in his message that he is still happy at Bodo/Glimt.

It will be Rodgers. The deal is done but if for any reason the deal goes south, it could be difficult for Celtic to get another man in at such short notice.

“Done deal” – Journalist says Rodgers to Celtic is complete

The Celtic fans are still waiting and wondering if and when the Brendan Rodgers deal will be announced.

Whilst some fans panic, others are happy to wait for the club to make the announcement.

Me? I’ve been constantly refreshing the news feed on The London Stock Exchange because if you want to hear the news first, that’s where it’ll land before the Scottish media get told.

However, it seems like the Celtic fans don’t need to worry. As former Daily Record journalist, Dan James has said.

James was having a cheeky little dog at those people who think they are “in the know” when he said this:

It seems now it’s just a case of sitting and waiting for the club to make the formal announcement.

With the Celtic fans (and probably the players) desperate to see who takes over from Ange Postecoglou, it seems it won’t be too long before Rodgers is officially announced as the new Celtic manager.