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James Sands lays bare an uncomfortable truth to the Ibrox fans why his loan deal was cut short

Remember when James Sands first signed for them he was hailed by some in their support as the ‘new Baresi’ by the lovely folk over at Follow Follow?

Hell, some of them even bragged that after selling Calvin Bassey the club pulled a masterstroke on getting him in for a season for free.

But as the fans in his early days lauded the signing and urged the club to splash the cash to get him permanently, it never really worked out in the end and Sands was sent back to New York earlier this month.

And why? Sands reveals all here that won’t make good reading for the Ibrox support.

Speaking to MLS Insider, Sands said, “We had different options, but ultimately we decided Rangers was the best for me.

“We were fully aware of the financial situation the club has been through.

“They went into administration, had other difficulties.

We were all fully aware it was unlikely they would spend what they needed to spend to make the move permanent. That was not a big factor.”T

They couldn’t afford him. Surprised? Not me. I have been on this site regularly beating the ‘they are skint’ drum so the fact they “decided” not to purchase him really was no surprise here.

And the reaction of the lovely people over at Follow Follow after a rather truthful statement by Sands? Enjoy the pain:

Remember Alex Rae came away with this? Reo Hatate anyone?

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