Listen to Rangers’ Everyone Anyone campaign ripped apart in one fan phone call

You like to think that after all that’s happened over the last year and a half, there would have been some inroads made by the club from Ibrox to tackle sectarianism in their rank and file supporters.

And I get that there are some that will simply not change.

Sectarianism is part of their life, their culture (whatever the hell that means) and their daily match routine.

There are those that are just engrained in it that the very thought of change is abhorrent to them.

But surely to God, even their own support should call it out. Especially when you run a (supposed) serious phone in show were supporters get to air their views about the game.

Not so says the guys from Rangers Radio.

It seems their fans can call in and spew whatever they want and not be held accountable, or at the very least, pulled up for their backward views.

This one fan called and admitted that he is a sectarian bigot, and it seemed to be accepted by the outlet as normal behaviour, “I’m sorry to say it. I was really disappointed today.

I mean, I had all my sectarian bile on before the game and my wife can attest to that cause I’m a nutcase. And it disnae help because every one of they boys is a defeatist for a start.

“If you know what I mean. And I hate getting beat, I hate getting beat with anybody. And we controlled that game and cannae put a shot on target in the second half. It’s disgusting.”

The words don’t do it justice so have a listen to the ‘nutcase’ as he gains a hundred staunch points:

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