“I hope he gets humiliated” – Rangers fan meltdown as the hilarity continues

From hero to zero. In the stroke of a pen.

Steven Gerrard became public enemy number one in the eyes of many of the Rangers supporters as he made his move from the south side of Glasgow to the English Midlands.

And how did the Rangers fans take it? Not too well.

In fact, there was a proper meltdown on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard as the host Gordon Duncan was dumfounded by this Ibrox supporters call.

It was legendary.

It was passionate.

Ah bugger it, it was funny as hell but also frightening at how quickly the love turned to hate.

Speaking like a spurned lover, this fan said,  “I’ll need to watch my language because I’m on the radio, but the way he’s handled this and done to Rangers is an absolute disgrace.

“Leaving us where we are, on Remembrance Day, he’s not got the credentials in my opinion. He’s left a great club, and what for?

“To go to Aston Villa? What for? You’re not going to win the league, you won’t get into the Champions League.

“I honestly hope he fails spectacularly. I’ll tell you one thing: every game Aston Villa play, I’ll be supporting the opposite team.

“I hope Steven Gerrard fails. I hope he ends up at a team like Exeter. Honest go God.

“He’ll realise one day what a club he’s left in the lurch.

“The timing is totally wrong. He made a statement today, ‘I fell in love with the club and will always follow the team, once a Rangers always a Rangers’.

“He’s never a Rangers, mate! Never a Ranger! He’s done the dirty on Rangers! Done the dirty on us!

“Good riddance to Steven Gerrard, it’s onwards and upwards.

“I’ll tell you one thing: Steven Gerrard is nothing. I’ll tell you what lads, see his next games – Brighton, Crystal Palace, Manchester City, Leicester Liverpool. I’ll be their biggest supporters because I hope he gets humiliated at Aston Villa.

Quite incredible. And there will be more to come today!

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