Heart & Hand meltdown over Brian Wilson apology. The moonhowling continues

This was an issue with the Celtic fans the day it was written.

After the sad passing of Walter Smith, the footballing community put all their differences and rivalries aside as they mourned and paid tribute to one of the giants of the Scottish game.

For all Walter Smith broke my heart as a fan, I can respect the fact that he was a great manager for the Ibrox club and the fact that Tommy Burns was a close friend of his also showed me he is a man to be respected.

Which makes Brian Wilson’s obituary about Walter all that more confusing.

Why Wilson felt the need to reference Rangers demise and the events surrounding it, where he suggested that the old Rangers were demoted as punishment for their liquidation in 2012, in that tribute to Smith as a football manager and a family man is beyond me.

What was the point? What was the need?

And considering he should know better than try to revise history, he KNEW Celtic fans would have reacted negatively towards it. Surely?

Or is this another signal at just how out of touch this shower that sit in the Parkhead boardroom are out of touch with the fans?

The Celtic fans demanded an answer from Wilson at yesterdays AGM and Wilson, admitting his error, apologised to the supporters, “I was asked at short notice to write one [obituary] about Walter Smith and no matter who I am writing about, my focus is on a fair and respectful obituary of the man or the woman I am writing about and the audience I am particularly concerned about is those who are most closely bereaved by the loss.

“I try to put it in context, you summarise context in a very limited number of words and on this occasion I simply did something wrong.

” I don’t know why I did it but I did, I corrected it and I apologise and all I can say in mitigation it was an obituary I was writing, it wasn’t any sort of statement.

“I am very well aware of the reality of the issue you refer to, I apologise and I can say no more than that.”

A very limited amount of words? Was he that short of information on Walter’s trophy laden and family orientated life that he had to speak about Rangers demise? Very baffling.

But not as baffling as Rangers official media partner, Heart & Hand’s reaction to the apology.

If I was them, and this is just me, I would have been raging at the fact Walter’s obituary was hijacked by a Celtic director to push their agenda rather than being angry at the Hoops fans reaction to it.

They chose the latter, as did their hoards of followers, and tried to deny that they would have done the same thing. Lack of respect they claim.

Yet about ten comments into the thread the usual child abuse diatribe is pulled out from he same page as their shameful songbook.

Lack of respect? The irony.

One thought on “Heart & Hand meltdown over Brian Wilson apology. The moonhowling continues”

  1. Why bother trying to make sense of anything these clowns say , we all know where this ends up for them especially if we win the league . They are clutching at straws with the compensation thing . I for one want to see them gone for good because they are a embarrassment to not only Scottish football but Scottish society in general , a bit like your alki uncle you had to invite to your wedding you always knew it would end in tears.

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