Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

“Have they put a padlock on the fridge!!?” – Latest Alfie fluff piece given the Celtic fan treatment

Right, I’m going to say it. Scottish football journalism is dead in this country.

It has been for a long time now. There is a basic lack of investigatory work put into journalism anymore.

Quotes taken from pundits are taken as fact. Not scrutinised the way blogs like this do. Not given any critical analysis. Just copied and pasted and published.

It’s an easy game to be in if you manage to bag a gig.

Take this piece for example:

Taken from a podcast where former Rangers player Leon Balogun was talking about how hard Alfie is working in training.

His ‘good friend’ Alfie. Who’s taken almost half the season to even think about knuckling down in training, helped to get the previous manager sacked and has offered nothing on the pitch whilst sucking the guts of £30k a week out the club.

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What a guy! A true hero. Of the Celtic fans anyway.

But even after the quote was written about, the journalist never even offered an opinion on it. Not a thing.

Alfie returned from injury in June. June.

Five months ago. And since then he looks like he was been working out in a kitchen.

But hey, I’m not doing the journalists job for them.

All I am going to say is this.

Don’t listen to the haters Alfie. You do you. You do you.

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