Former Sevco boss’ bitterness as he shows anger at Aston Villa

This was an incredible admission from a former Rangers boss.

Right ok, Rangers boss is a bit of a stretch, but Stuart McCall did take the reigns for a few months because Graeme Murty hadn’t been discovered yet, or maybe he lost his phone, but regardless, he was a manager for a short period of time.

But he was appearing on BBC Sportsound as the broadcaster held an obituary for Gerrard, sorry, I meant eulogy, as they mourned the moving on of the former Rangers manager to pastures new in England.

Speaking on the podcast, McCall said of Gerrard’s move, “Yeah disappointed, frustrated, angry and I’m angry with Aston Villa for sacking a good man in Dean Smith and opening this vacancy up because I genuinely believed for a little while I couldn’t see Steven leaving unless it was going to be a Liverpool when he sort of rebuffed Newcastle.

They’re not in a great place in the league the squads not good but when you look at Villa, obviously he knows the Chief Exec Christian Purslow.

My lad wants Villa to get relegated so that’s that sort of tells you you know a bit about the sort of the despondency with the lot of them if I have if I’m totally honest.

But I’m sure Steven would have liked to stay there till the end of the season and try to get a cup in the trophy cabinet and maybe win the league again but unfortunately timings not not right and he has taking it.

So he was angry at Aston Villa for sacking their manager because they were in the relegation zone?

How very dare they!

But it is amazing that he admitted his boy wishes Villa get relegated, which was echoed by co pundit Kenny Miller.

They really are a fickle bunch.

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