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 “Misleading or deceptive conduct” – Trouble at Ibrox as £1.7m legal action taken against ‘The Rangers FC’

The Sydney Super Cup was a thorn in *Rangers side ever since the tournament was announced.

Billed as the Ange Homecoming Tour, the Ibrox fans were absolutely furious that not only was their own club playing second fiddle to a man they had backed for the sack last Christmas, they were also being paid far less money than our club for the priviledge.

Of course, they will deny that. They will claim that the ‘Old F*rm’ should never be used for a friendly match even though the Old F*rm died in 2012 but we all know the real reason why they didn’t want to take part.

Ange Postecoglou has them on strings. On and off the park.

And now, the inevitable has happened.

The cub is being SUED for £1.7m by the tournament organisers TEG Live Pty Ltd and Left Field Live Pty Ltd.

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And what is interesting is that the papers have been submitted as a ‘claim against The Rangers FC in Federal Court on Friday‘.

‘The’ Rangers FC. Why on earth would that be?

The report goes on to say, “The promoters claim they suffered loss and damage following the wrongful termination with Destination NSW reducing their core funding by £800,000 and loss of ticket sales as well as costs of marketing.

“They are claiming £1.7m in compensation, noting a clause in the agreement outlining Rangers should play unless a ‘force majeure event’ should occur such as governmental action, pandemic or severe weather.

“The court documents also claim Rangers engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct contrary to Australian Consumer Law.”

So not only did the failure to appear in the tournament cost them millions in lost revenue, they look as though they will need to PAY almost £2m for the privilege of saving their fans faces.

Brilliant isn’t it?

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