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“Did he rescue us?” – Weekend media narrative shot down as Celtic stay nine points clear

You know what I found strange about the weekends win over Hibs? No matter how much possession we had and even though we scored three goals, the narrative was set that somehow we struggled to win the match.

Hibs had three shots on goal, including their penalty, and went in one up at half time. These things happens. Not often to us, but it does happen.

And even though we ran out eventual winners, there seemed to be this angle of we struggled to keep a grip of the game and we were lucky to get the three points.

But it was called out brilliantly by the lads on Celtic: The Unrestricted View podcaston Monday night.

The host JP made the first point of the podcast to rubbish the media claims when he said, “Big Oh to the rescue! The media has put it up today.

They’ve portrayed that we got put of jail and the big man came to the rescue.

Totally discounting that, actually, Haksabanovic scored a peach of a goal as well.”

And Ada wasn’t having any of the media nonse either, “Did he rescue us?

Apart from the Hibs penalty, you watch that game, we dominated from start to finish.

I think of you look at Jota, I thought he was brilliant. Unplayable at times. The chances we created in the first 15-20 minutes alone, I thought we were going to give them a hiding.

I don’t think Oh got us out of jail in any sense. I think the goal was coming.

We were piling them. It was nonstop in that second half and it was only ever going to go one way of we’re honest.”

Look, I am not daft. We never blew Hibs away like we normally do. We had to work for that win even with the Edinburgh side down to ten men.

That’s football.

But to even try and suggest that anyone was rescued or we were under the cosh is just disingenuous nonsense.

But what do you expect from the SMSM when it comes to Celtic?

One thought on ““Did he rescue us?” – Weekend media narrative shot down as Celtic stay nine points clear”

  1. the way this works is to keep on the side of the rangers support without mentioning them at all, describe the game as hard win, or late win or players injured this then gives hope to there team, that the reporter is afraid to mention there own teams poor play. celtic is a easy angle

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