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“There’s A Lot Of Wet Knickers Being Thrown About Here” – Brilliant Rant From ACSOM Podcaster After Glasgow Derby Defeat

The result on Sunday wasn’t exactly what we were looking for and like any Glasgow Derby, there is a lot of emotion tied to the result whether it’s a win or a loss.

And there certainly was emotion in Kevin Graham’s after match rant as he had his say on the A Celtic State of Mind podcast on Sunday afternoon.

Graham was asked by host Paul John Dykes his thoughts on the results and Graham came out his corner swinging, “Well, you want to ken something lads?

You can’t recycle wet knickers and there is a lot of wet knickers getting thrown about here.

We are eight weeks into a project. Eight weeks. They are four years into a project. That was shown in that second half today.

The two things that I wrote down at half time. All I wanted to do was challenge for this league title and that ninety minutes showed that we are going to challenge for this title.

And we are only eight weeks into rebuilding.

The other thing that I wrote down as well, I think the vibe of this defeat should be different.

The mud is not settled in who is going to be in this squad and who is not going to be in the squad.

There is no longer 21 points between the two teams in the space of eight weeks. In the space of eight weeks.”

There was a little téte-á-téte between Dykes and Graham afterwards that I won’t give away here, but listen into the podcast here. You will not be disappointed.

Through all that emotion, Graham’s points do still stand (unlike wet knickers). Ange is only eight weeks into his rebuild and he matched a *Rangers squad that has been built over four years but for a basic defensive error.

The signs of progress are encouraging. Just imagine where we will be come the return fixture at Paradise in January.

Rangers Fans Fail First Big Test Since Kyogo Racism Row And Media Silence Is Shameful

It was a big week this week in Scottish football. The big build up to the Glasgow Derby was overshadowed by last weeks shameful racist abuse of Celtic striker Kyogo Furuhashi by Rangers fans on a supporters bus.

The media were all over it, and quite rightly so, as everyone condemned the actions of these mindless idiots and, especially after the Glen Kamara incident last season, it seemed like the whole of the country, including the media, were starting to pull in the same direction to tackle this disease in our society.

But sadly, after todays 1-0 loss to our Glasgow rivals, a video emerged of a herd of *Rangers fans marching through the town centre chanting anti Irish racist songs, with a police escort and not one person reported on it.

Well, strictly speaking, Michael Stewart tweeted about it to his 100k followers but I am yet to see any media outlet cover a clear cut story about more racist abuse from the blue half of Glasgow.

And what the hell are the police doing not arresting people for it?

And there is a depressing side to this story as well.

Clyde 1 journalist Alison Conroy did tweet about it and condemned the Rangers fans for the abuse shouted from the stands and called them out for their “bile”.

And then, inexplicably, then seemed to tar all fans from every club when there was only one set of fans at the game she was reporting on subjecting players to the “bile”.

Seriously? What chance do we have of eradicating this issue when the media fail to cover it properly and when they shine the spotlight directly to where the issue lies, then retract it almost immediately?

We will never be rid of this problem in Scotland if the media don’t take every single count of racism seriously.

Hugh Keevins Attacks Hoops Players On Derby Day. Has He Learned Nothing From The Past Week?

It’s the day of the big Glasgow Derby as Celtic face *Rangers in the first clash of the season between the big two.

In what should be an exciting build up as the fans gear up to Ange Postecoglou’s first taste of this unique head to head, you would like to think that in a week were both clubs qualified for European group stage football, the press headlines would be positive in the run up to the game.

Think again.

Hugh Keevins, this morning, has clearly learned nothing from the past week.

Lambasted by the Aussie press for his damning summation of Ange Postecoglou and his unfortunate comments regarding racism, you would think, on this morning of all mornings, Keevins would keep his head down and let the dust settle.

Instead, he chose to take another swing at Celtic, their route to European group stage football, Angeball and in particular, Carl Starfelt and Joe Hart.

In his weekly column, Keevins said of both clubs European performances, “The only thing more pathetic than Celtic’s attempts at defence against AZ Alkmaar on Thursday were Rangers’ attempts at
goalscoring against Alashkert in Armenia earlier in the day.

Which I could understand if none progressed on Thursday night, but both did. Albeit it, it was a tough watch, but they are there all the same.

Then comes a rant where, to use one of Hugh’s phrases, Keevins takes a ‘scattergun’ to the club, the manager’s playing philosophies and the players, “If “Angeball” is fundamentally a belief that attack is the best form of defence then everyday efficient defenders become a prerequisite.

“If you don’t have any then you have to compromise your principles and make concessions in the interests of common sense, otherwise arrogance gets in the way of ambition. Celtic’s football is expansive, but the mistakes are expensive.

“It is not thrill-a-minute stuff. It is asking for trouble. You can’t go out swinging, as the manager puts it, if you have a glass jaw.

“Joe Hart’s display in midweek hinted at a keeper who now has to prove he hasn’t arrived at Celtic too late in his career.

“Carl Starfelt is a dangerously underachieving defender and, if you take the first letter from each of those three words and put them together, you’ll get a harsher summary of his capabilities.

Wow. So in summation, Postecoglou is arrogant if he does’t adapt a playing style he has stuck by all his career. Joe Hart (after all he has achieved in his career) needs to prove he is worthy of the Celtic jersey and Keevins make up another silly acronym for a a player who is just settling into a new club and country.

This reminds me of the type of media abuse Shane Duffy and Ronny Deila received.

The similarities are startling.

Football Insider’s latest moonhowling headline as they tout £15m Sevco move. And it’s not Morelos

I was sent this by a family member. And normally I cover some Football Insider stories only if it involves Celtic, but this one, I simply couldn’t ignore.

The headline was an eyecatcher, and it was written, allegedly by Paddy Kenny.

Eyecatcher is a bit of a stretch to be honest. Downright nonsense that I will give them but here is where their madness started, “Rangers could accept £15m Everton bid for Patterson after update”

What was the update? Did Patterson all of a sudden turn into Cafu? Are Everton willing, or have ever hinted to bidding anywhere near £15m?

Did someone inside Everton decide, ‘Right, they’re not accepting £5m. How can we get value?’, ‘I know! Offer £15m!’

But, like you, I’m itching to find out what the latest development is that will make Everton offer £15m for the Blue Cafu.

So here we go. Here is Kenny’s insight as Kenny insists Everton should be willing to splash out more on the young right back, “You’d have thought it would be double or triple that Everton offer.”


“You think about to Thierry Small who’s gone to Southampton. They might get £5m for him, and he’s a 17-year-old kid.”

“Patterson is obviously a brilliant, established Rangers right-back who plays for Scotland, who is proven.

“To offer the same sort of money doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t get it whatsoever.

“I’m sure they are going to let him go, it won’t be for that much. They’ll want a lot more than that.”

Established? Really? Proven? Not by a long shot.

Ah and he ‘plays’ for Scotland. How many appearances now has he made for club and country?

A terrible piece and I wonder if Kenny even had anything to do with it because if my name was put on this moonhowling nonsense I would just give up this game.

Hugh Keevins Unites The Glasgow Divide With One Daft Tweet

Hugh Keevins is a popular figure amongst the Celtic support. By that I mean he is very well disliked for his punditry and his constant slights against the club.

I can’t say for sure how the blue half of Glasgow find the man but after his latest tweet, I think it is fair to say that he sits on a par of popularity on the same level as Celtic fans.

As both Glasgow clubs got through their respective Europa League qualification ties, albeit Celtic under fire for most of their game and with Rangers struggling, but sill managing to see off Alashkert, there was no congratulatory message from Mr Keevins.

Having two Scottish clubs in the group stages of European competition for the fourth year in a trot should be lauded, not derided, but then it is Keevins so what do we really expect?

Taking to Twitter, Keevins said, “I have never seen two such inept displays of football that were so rewarding for Celtic and Rangers in Europe. Serious time now, though.

And it is fair to say that didn’t go down too well. With both sets of fans.

We’ll forgive this guy’s use of the *ld *irm term just for the purpose of context here!

You would have thought Hugh would have learned after his unfortunate comments during the week on the Kyogo racism row, but no. He goes at it again.

But back to the football, Keevins showed no positivity for the amount of exposure both clubs give to our game and no inclination to give either Celtic or *Rangers any credit for upholding the Scottish games standing in Europe.

Unsurprising really.

Former Hoops Defender Reveals Wim Jansen’s playing Style And Confesses He Would Have ‘Loved’ To Play For Ange

Former Celtic full back Jackie McNamara reveals the frustration he had playing under legendary Celtic boss Wim Jansen.

McNamara was part of the Celtic side that will always be remembered for stopping Rangers’ ten in row bid back in 1998 but, as he opened up to the boys at 67 Hail Hail, he did confess he found it frustrating playing the role he was asked to under the Dutchman. “I would have loved it. It was different, because when Wim Jansen came in, in 97-98, he didn’t want his full backs getting forward.

So it was difficult for me to get into his [team], I started the first two games and found myself out.

“And then, I came back into the team further up the pitch. In front of Tom Boyd, or as a wing-back, an attacking wing-back, or a right midfielder. It was the only time I played that in my career, actually, under Wim.

“That was difficult for me, because everybody expects you to [get forward], and suddenly you’ve got the handcuffs on and the chains there to keep you back. People don’t obviously understand that.

“I would’ve loved to play in [Ange’s] team. Bombing forward, creating chances, even just having that freedom.

And what a player McNamara would have been under Postecoglou. Dynamic and attacking, the Celtic fans loved Jackie’s playing style.

And if Postecoglou can get Ralston playing the way he has, just imagine what McNamara could have done to opposing teams if he was given free reign to play the way Postecoglou wants. Frightening.

“I Think We’ll Be Seeing Him In The Premier League” – Pundit Says Hoops Star Move Is Imminent

Celtic fans will be hoping that Ryan Christie will sign a new contract. Of that there is no doubt.

The form the Scotland midfielder is showing under Ange Postecoglou is reminiscent of the type of form that we saw under Brendan Rodgers Invincibles team.

Direct, dynamic and an eye for a pass, Christie has been scintillating so far this season and the fans are hopeful that nowt the joy is back in his game it may tempt him to sing a contract extension.

Not so says Noel Whelan. The former Aberdeen man says that Christie is likely to end up in England in this transfer window and that any money Celtic receive can only be perceived as a bonus.

Speaking to Football Insider, Whelan said, “I think we’ll be seeing him in the Premier League.

“I think any money that comes in with only six months left on the contract is a bonus.

“For Celtic, I just think it’s a matter of getting whatever they can right now.

“Get him off the books if he isn’t going to sign another contract. Get a fee for him and maybe use that to pay another player’s wages who can come in and replace him.

“They’ve been in the market for a centre-half and a left-back for a while now at Celtic, and this money could go a long way towards getting that done.”

Celtic fans will be hoping he has this wrong and that Christie will in fact stay at the Hoops for another year. But as each day passes, it seems less and less likely that is going to happen.

Barry Ferguson Says Hoops Star “Wants to try” EPL

Celtic midfielder, Ryan Christie’s future has been one story the seems to be neverending.

Many Celtic fans would have been glad to see the back of him after last seasons displays in a Hoops jersey, but as the Scotland midfielder enjoys a mini revival of form under new gaffer Ange Postecoglou, the supporters are now desperate to see the midfield playmaker extend his stay beyond January.

With less than four months left of his contract, Christie has been free to speak to clubs since June but as yet, has to reveal where his future lies.

There is still no news on whether Celtic have offered him a new contract but former Rangers midfielder, Barry Ferguson, has said on Go Radio, that there could be a way of fulfilling Christies apparent goal of playing in the English Premier League and helping the team win the league.

Ferguson, speaking on Go Radio, said, “He is a good player. There’s no doubt about it. On form he can win you games.

And it seems to me that Postecoglou thinks a lot of him.

And he’s like any player, Ryan Christie. He’ll want to try and put his wits against the best players and the best teams in the world.

And that’s certainly the English Premier League. But there may be a way to work around it. Sign another year and a half extension, then come next summer if he still wants to go, we won’t really stand in your way and there’s a set fee of three, four or five million pounds.

It’s not a lot of money in terms of the English Premier League.”

Hugh Keevins Apologises for Comments on Celtic Racism Row On Superscoreboard

Journalist, Hugh Keevins, has taken to twitter to publicly apologise for his comments regarding racism in Scotland. When discussing the horrendous racist abuse Kyogo Furuhashi has endured from a bus load of Rangers fans, Keevins made a series of unfortunate ‘observations’.

Keevins caused a furore when he claimed that ‘sectarianism is worse now than it was 60 years ago’ and that ‘racism wasn’t the problem it is now 60 years ago’.

A relatively quick history lesson will tell you that both were absolutely rife back then. So much so that jobs were advertised telling people that were Roman Catholic to not apply and where your race could determine whether you got accepted for rented accommodation.

And that’s before we get to lynch mobs etc…….

On last nights Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, as reported by Vital Celtic, Keevins made the following remarks,

HK: “I watched my first Celtic/Rangers game 61 years ago. And for me, speaking as a private citizen I think it’s worse now than it was 60 years ago.

GD: “Racism is worse now than it was 60 years ago?”

HK: “Not racism. Not racism, because we really didn’t practice racism 60 years ago.”

GD: “Really? Listen, anyone tuning into Superscoreboard will be saying what is going on here? But Hugh, I’m only 31 years of age and there were words used when I was young I don’t really hear now.”

HK: “I’m talking 60 years ago. It was all about sectarianism. And now sectarianism has been added to by racism. And for me, the atmosphere between the hardcore, I’m not talking about Mr. or Mrs. Whoever who go to Celtic Park or Ibrox that brought the family up on Celtic or Rangers. I’m talking about the hard core. It’s worse now than it was 60 years ago.”

GD: “I’m not sure how you’re confident enough to make that sort of conclusion.”

HK: “On the basis that you weren’t born and I was, then I can draw on personal experience of 60 years ago and in my personal experience, it’s worse now. The intensity of the dislike.”

GD: “I’m wondering if it’s social media is making you think that.”

HK: “No, no, just walking the streets makes it makes me think that.”

GD: “So you think you think racist language, sectarian language is more is more commonplace now than it was back then?”

HK: “I’m taking racism out of that on because 60 years ago racism was not the problem that it is now.”

GD: “Again now we are going miles away from football, and I appreciate I’m younger than I wasn’t there, I find that really hard to believe. We’re talking about an era where people genuinely feel discriminated against in terms of jobs and opportunities because of the colour of their skin or where they were from. You just have to ask any family that came here from elsewhere.”

HK: “And that problem was solved.”

GD: “When?”

HK: “I think you can no longer have a newspaper advertisement for a job, which would say RC’s need not apply.”

GD: “But that’s my point. I’m not just talking about that. How can you say that things were better then than they are now if that was even an issue?”

Today, Hugh apologised via twitter and reiterated his stance that he abhors racism and sectarianism and apologised for any offence he caused:

No doubt a public apology will ensue on his next appearance on the show, but at least the experienced journalist recognised the error of his ways and fronted up with an act of contrition.

“He’s Choosing To Be A Leader” – 20Min Tims Highlight The Unsung Hero In Celtic’s Team

As Celtic gear up for two massive fixtures this season, the fans have been enjoying some fantastic, attacking football thanks to the like of Kyogo Furuhashi, Liel Abada, Anthony Ralston, David Turnbull and Ryan Christie.

But there is one man who deserves much more credit than he is getting according to the guys over 20min Tims.

Joe Hart was brought in at the start of the season to solve the Hoops goalkeeping crisis and it is fair to say his arrival brought a mixed reaction from the Celtic fans.

Fast forward six games from the Hearts defeat and the supporters are raving about all the players named above, but the 20min Tims boys reckon Hart has been an absolute standout signing this season, “When you’ve got a keeper like Joe Hart it gives you that much confidence. 100% more confidence in his defence and himself.

We’ve got somebody that if we make a mistake, Starfelt has made a couple of mistakes early on, Hart bailed him out.

He’s not the best with his feet but he’s good enough. There’s maybe one position in Ange’s system that he can maybe say, I don’t need the best player for that because he will do other things.

Goalkeeper stops goals. And if he didn’t do that, if he (Ange) had one of the other two keepers, they don’t save that, Celtic are a goal down and it’s a completely different game.

And this is why you buy Joe Hart. He made a couple of decent saves, but that one was, was game changing for me.”
“The thing about Joe Hart I really love is, he’s not the best keeper Celtic can get. Celtic could maybe get a better keeper, but he’s the ideal keeper for Celtic because he’s got everything they need.

And the leadership qualities he brings. He’s choosing to be a leader without being chosen to be a leader.”

And the guys are bang on. Hart is like a dog with a bone. Constantly barking instructions to his defence and brilliant communicator with his back line. A stark contrast to Barkas and Bain.

Hart is quickly turning into one of the best signings of the seasons and the Celtic fans will be delighted they have him on a four year contract.

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