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Follow Follow’s moonhowling Celtic reasons for ticket allocation fiasco

Look, I’ve said to many folk that of Ibrox cannot return to the allocation of the full Broomloan Stand then Celtic need to refuse the paltry 700 tickets we currently receive from them.

Tucked into a corner with baying Govan hordes spouting their bile and throwing objects is not my idea of a fun packed afternoon watching a h*nskelping.

And thank God Celtic had the gonads to refuse them.

After our fans got bottled as well as the physios in the last game (and let’s not forget the broken glass in Joe Hart’s goalmouth last season that was mysteriously swept under the carpet), the bigotdome is cesspit and it is little wonder security concerns were raised by the club.

But let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good lie from those chaps over at Follow Follow. They have already started to peddle their own narrative of whose to blame for this and surprise, surprise guess who it is:

At least the first guy got part of the story correct. We did refuse the tickets.

And Mark Dingwall, genuinely what is that guy smoking? He’s another batsh*t moonhowler that types with his forehead.

The narrative has been set, it’s now over the trustworthy Scottish journalists to get to the truth.

And they will you know. Any day now. Maybe.

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