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Former Celtic boss wades into the Gary Lineker row and rinses LBC presenter

This was absolutely outstanding from former Celtic boss, John Barnes.

Himself a Jamaican born immigrant, Barnes was being interviewed by Andrew Castle on LBC about the Gary Lineker furore and I have to say, he schooled the LBC presenter and make some excellent points about how people in society in this country feel empathy for some refugees and not all.

Have a a watch of this:

Castle was either being deliberately obtuse or he was feeling a tad foolish for falling for Government propaganda where they seem to put more value on white lives than non-whites.

It was perfectly clear to me what Barnes was getting at. Quite how Castle couldn’t get it was beyond me.

The UK Government has spent well over a decade vilifying refugees coming over on boats.

And they continue to do so even now.

But for Ukrainians, who are also trying to escape a war torn country, we open our doors and welcome them with open arms.

And it’s blatantly obvious why.

Yemen, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan people all don’t matter because the UK government are complicit in their plight and, of course, they are not white.

Barnes should be commended for his argument here. Castle needs to go and get educated on these issues before making an absolute mug of himself again.

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