“You’ve been done buddy” – Celtic star’s twitter account hacked with shocking Bobby Sands tweet

Young Conor Hazard, not had much luck breaking into the Celtic first team as Joe Hart continues to be on fire.

He’s also not had much luck on social media this morning as his twitter timeline was on fire as some Rangers fans seems to have hacked his account.

And to be fair, normally this type of thing I would find quite funny.

Some friendly banter between fans is always a good thing but if anything, this gig that I do, has taught me that Rangers fans simply do not do banter or anything friendly.

There is a poisonous element of their fans that simply either cannot keep a joke as a joke or debate football without bringing up child abuse to point score.

And this hacker is not much better.

His first hacked tweet was quite funny to be fair. A picture of *Rangers captain James Tavernier holding the SPFL trophy. Hell, if a Celtic fan did this to any of their players it would be classed as a ‘Return of the Banter Years’.

But, true to form, it doesn’t take long for them to make it sinister or at the very least keep it to football banter. They just cannot do it.

And before you know it, it turns to sectarian undertones as the hacker tweets:

Like I said, they just can’t do banter.

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