Celtic Park from the Forge car park

“Yous are absolutely pathetic”, “FFS” – Daily Record’s latest anti-Celtic headline called out by the fans

I’ve read a load of nonsense in my time doing this job. From either their fans or the media, there always seems to be a negative Celtic slant in any headline or topic under discussion.

I mean the latest garbage being peddled recently is that Celtic are only successful because the Scottish league is so poor.

You can watch that below, but let’s remind ourselves of one thing.

We are ranked 9th in the UEFA rankings. Above the likes of Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Norway, Sweden and just one place below Belgium.

But yeah, the league is p*sh.

But take this headline from the Daily Record. As Celtic drew them in the Scottish Cup, they decided to run with this:

Revenge. No lost to them for 18 months and won the league cup final less than four weeks ago and WE are out for revenge. Absolutely unbelievable.

And the Celtic fans had no time for their garbage:


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