“You sir are a complete trumpet” – Celtic fans respond to ‘scouting process’ claim

Celtic’s early transfer business really has them rattled doesn’t it? Like properly rattled.

From them [Rangers support] casually throwing racist remarks about our four Japanese boys to them now seemingly questioning our transfer and scouting policy, they are the proverbial basket case of a support as they cast their beady eye’s over our financial and transfer affairs whilst blindly ignoring their own.

Haven’t paid a fee for a player in two seasons and about to make their first viable transfer [we’ll await the full details] in Nathan Patterson since their birth ten years ago, I find their blindness at their own clubs failings staggering as they point an accusatory finger at ours for our sound financial footing.

Anyway, what’s gotten under their skins this time?

No fully functioning scouting process? Is that the same process that brought is Liel Abada, Jota, Hart and CCV? Do they just make things up now and post them as fact?

Scrap that second question because we all know the answer to that one.

The Celtic fans do what they do best and take down such a stupid claim and, weirdly, there was no rebuttal from this account:


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