“You cost nothing pal” – Ex Celt’s brilliant trolling of Sevco star

Normally I scoff at articles from Football Insider.

Well, because, you know. They use ‘pundits’ that generally have next to no knowledge of Scottish football but feel qualified to tell us what’s happening in our game.

I suppose Frank McAvennie is suitably qualified to tell us something though isn’t he?

Well if not then he is at least to be lauded for this brilliant piece of trolling of Rangers defender, Conor Goldson.

Goldson is at the centre of a contract wrangle at Ibrox and McAvennie took a massive swing at the defender, “Connor needs to remember he joined Rangers for nothing,” McAvennie told Football Insider.

“He was cheap for a reason. That might be because his concentration is lacking.

“Rangers have worked Goldson into a back four that really works, they all worked together in that unit last year.

“This is my opinion, Connor thinks he’s a big player now and that he’s worth more.

“He needs to look around him and realise the defence only worked because of how they work as a unit.

“He’s trying to do it individually and it’s not working. If his head is battered with contract stuff, I just don’t know.

“You cost nothing pal, you are at a big club. I don’t understand why he would hold them to ransom now.”

Brutal but to the point. Stand up Macca and take a bow.

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