“Ya helmet” – Incredible responses to Rangers’ Gerrard statement

I was dubious about the headline. I was in two minds whether to put those two words in a an article but I think it is warranted.

And the reason? It sums up the attitude of the Rangers supporters.

As the ink dries on Steven Gerrard’s lucrative contract with Aston Villa, the club released a statement thanking the former Gers boss for his services.

And with that, Gerrard went from being a God for stopping ten in a row, to a villain. Pardon the pun.

Not so long ago, Gerrard could do no wrong in the eyes of the Ibrox support. They believed he walked on water since he helped them clinch their first title at the third attempt.

For some strange reason, one trophy in three years was deemed good enough in their eye’s because it was THAT trophy.

And I can understand that. Wim Jansen completed the same feat. In a third of the time. But winning double the silverware. So, in fact, I don’t understand it.

But as expected, as soon as the news was released by the club via Twitter, the vitriol and abuse aimed at the man that created history for them was sent. It was as if the messages were already written and their fans had their finger hovering over the send button.


I am willing to bet that Gerrard doesn’t come anywhere near Ibrox for any of their ‘key players’.

Not really sure what Rememberance Day has got to do with anything? Staunch.

One thought on ““Ya helmet” – Incredible responses to Rangers’ Gerrard statement”

  1. Sevco Fans: Gerrard is a tactical genius who knows the game inside out.

    Same Fans Today: An average manager with no plan B if we’re honest.

    I love the man for what he did but tbh a better tactical manager wouldn’t go a miss.

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