“Wow!” – Listen to pundit’s reaction as Rangers fan makes incredible ‘penalty’ claim

This is a story that has UNITED Scottish football. Not just Celtic fans. That ‘penalty’ has to be the single most blatantly shocking decision I have seen at Ibrox from a referee.

And I’ve witnessed penalties denied for Celtic at Ibrox before.

But John Beaton’s decision to award the blue half of Glasgow a penalty on the 81st minute is up there with the worst.

And it is not just Celtic fans in uproar.

A quick look over all social media will tell you that there are fans of clubs all around the country sick fed up of one club seemingly benefitting from honest mistakes more than any other in the league.

Now, you would expect even the most hardened Rangers fan to be at least a wee bit honest with themselves and admit it wasn’t a penalty right?


This one fan says not only was it a penalty, he wanted more from the referee. Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, a Rangers fan called the show and made a point that even the pundits couldn’t believe, “The penalty last night, I’ve seen quite a lot of stuff on social media in regards to referee cheating etc etc.

My gripe from a Rangers fans point of view is why the Aberdeen player wasn’t sent off. He made zero attempt to play the ball.

He was the last man.

He should have been sent off. I think it was a penalty.

There was a clear tug at his jersey. He should have been sent off.

Wasn’t sent off and I think John Beaton should have really sent the man off.”

Gordon Duncan couldn’t believe this guy’s point of view and it was clear in his response, “Wow! It just shows you we’ll see all sides of this. I mean, lots of people don’t think it was a penalty at all.”

Mark Wilson was just as flummoxed as he said, “I didn’t think we would see that side of it. It’s certainly not a sending off. To be honest, seeing it at first glance, I was astonished that was a penalty. Astonished.”

Now there is denial, and just plain outright ignorance. I’m on the fence here with this caller.

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on ““Wow!” – Listen to pundit’s reaction as Rangers fan makes incredible ‘penalty’ claim”

  1. Even if there was a shirt pull, should the rangers player not fall back the way with a pull, to fall forwards would suggest a push. For gods sake get real.

  2. If the pictures show that there was a tug on the shirt, then it’s a foul=penalty. But how does the Ranger’s player defy physics and fall forward, from a pull.

  3. As clear a dive as you’re likely to see. The Sevco player should have been booked for diving.

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