“Wonderful Boxing Day tears”, – “A poor mans Chris Sutton”, “Gimp” – Celtic fans rip into Kris Boyd’s bitter Hoops analysis

Kris Boyd has that outstanding ability to unite the Celtic support.

At a time when the fans want rid of the board and disagree over silent protests, he is the one man that can pull the fans together with his analysis of and coverage of Celtic games.

Quite frankly, the guys should be nowhere near an amateur football match never mind a major national broadcaster like Sky Sports.

And the Celtic fans were quick to point that out to them.

After yet another slabbering rant about getting VAR into Scottish football after Celtic got the benefit of the doubt in a refereeing decision, Boyd irked the Hoops fans with his clear outrage and bias against the club.

And it is not a good look for Sky.

The broadcaster requires Celtic games to keep up their viewing figures and it seems that Boyd’s inane rantings is switching off the largest section of their TV audience.

And the Celtic fans were quick to let the broadcaster know:

It seems week in, week out Boyd tries to court controversy in Scotland and if this is Sky’s game to boost viewing figures instead of focusing on a league where the football is great and fan passion is second to none, it is no wonder the fans are switching off.

Oh how I long for the return of BT Sport coverage.

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