Main stand turnstiles at Celtic Park

Why Rangers will lose “alarming” refereeing stat this Saturday and Celtic will benefit

It’s certainly been a record breaking season for Celtic.

The club are set to become World Record holders for most amount of domestic trebles won. Record SPFL points tally is still up for grabs as is the most goals scored in the league.

Hell, even Callum McGregor is set to become the only player in the history of the game to have won FIVE domestic trebles.

But the club could, and probably will, break another record this Saturday afternoon. The longest ever streak by a team never to concede a penalty.

Rangers have incredibly went over 50 SPFL league matches without conceding a spot kick. And when you look at the amount of penalties that have been awarded since the introduction of VAR, that stat is all the more unbelievable.

But that will end on Saturday. For two reasons. One, PLZ Soccer are the first mainstream media outlet to have openly questioned the stat live on air.

In an unusual move, Peter Martin, Alan Rough, Alison McConnell and the squirming Tam McManus all openly discussed what they called an “alarming” statistic.

And why will Celtic get a penalty on Saturday? The authorities need to put an end to the rumour that they are now openly helping the Ibrox club.

And what better way to do it in a Glasgow Derby that has no real ramifications no matter which way the result goes.

Am I being a conspiracy theorist? Possibly. I wonder what the odds are on us getting a spot kick on Saturday?

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