“Who got undisclosed on their bingo card?” – Celtic fans deride Rangers ‘record’ fee

This is one of the most hyped up transfers of the window so far. Probably the year. And it’s only the 5th January.

Nathan Patterson to Everton has been carpet bombed by the Scottish press as the fawned over a ‘£16m’ deal that would see the financial basket case reap their record fee.

I don’t doubt it is a record seeing as their previous was £2.5m, but £16m? Please.

The announcement from the English Premier League club was ‘undisclosed’. The reports from Scotland, £16m.

Who to believe?

If the fee was so large, you would think that a club in relegation trouble would announce it to a fanfare of publicity to help assure their fans that they are doing everything possible to turn around their fortunes. Alas not and the £16m has already come in for ridicule from many quarters of the Scottish football fanbase.

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