Right off the bat, Chris Sutton waded into the Ange Postecoglou debate but went about it in a way only Englishmen would understand, and Scotsmen would scratch their heads at.

Cricket isn’t the best analogy to use when you are speaking to a largely Scottish audience but that’s exactly what Sutton did, and the Celtic fans were confused beyond belief.

Sutton said of the appointment,

“For the Celtic cricket fans from an older generation…

Flag of Australia

Ange Postecoglou taking the Celtic job in the current situation is like being sent out to bat against Jeff Thomson and Dennis Lillee without pads, helmet, gloves and a box…”

And it was enough to send the majority of Celtic twitter into a meltdown. Of confusion. Some levied the accusation that Sutton was having a go at Postecoglou. Some thought it was at the current squad. Many got the gist of what Sutton was trying to say and to be fair, it did take me a while to work it out.

Sutton was simply pointing out that Postecoglou was walking into a job with no protection and suggested that he needed help if he was going to be successful with the massive job he has ahead of him.

No doubt Postecoglou has a massive job ahead of him and no doubt he knows what he is walking into, but is there doubt in his ability to lead Celtic through this difficult phase in their history? Time will tell.

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